How To Use

(1.) To get started, You’ll need to enable Script Mods from The Sims 4’s settings. If you haven’t enabled Script Mods before, You’ll need to restart The Sims 4 after enabling them.

(2.) Then, Download Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim (Make sure that you have both the .package and the .ts4script and place them in your mods folder)

Click here to downloads Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim
(I will update you once I receive an update from the creator)

(3.) Download your favorite pose and put all the files into mods folder.

(4.) Go to the game.

(5.) Place the teleport statue where you want your sim to teleport (You can be found in Decorations > Miscellaneous or search ‘Sim Teleporter Destination’ on the search bar) The sim will be reset to cancel whatever they may be doing and appear in place of the statue.

(5.1) In case couple pose or group pose that requires 1+ people to gather together, so you must have 1+ Sim Teleporter Destination on the same spot.

(6) When you have selected your sim to teleport. It will move to the destination replacing the statue. Do the same thing to other sims. When you have all the sims teleported on the same spot, start reserving some pose for each sim.

(7.) Click on your sim and click ‘Pose by Pack’.

(8.) You can choose one of them and your sim will start the pose. (To stop the pose, You can just cancel the interaction from the activity bar)